Austin Bales, Facebook

Austin Bales

Austin Bales is a Director of Product Design at Facebook, where he's led the News Feed, Core Experience, Growth and Messenger design teams. In his role, he focuses on data-inspired design and scaling teams and products. Prior to joining Facebook in 2013, Austin was a Lead Designer at Salesforce. He studied Industrial Design at Carnegie Mellon University, in his spare time enjoys cooking, and wants to be an actor someday.

Designing for Growth
Discussing how Facebook looks at the broader role of design in creating products at scale. Learn about Facebook’s approach to product development using the framework: Understanding, Identifying, and Executing.

Learn more about Austin at neue.austinbales.com

Annina Koskinen, Spotify

Annina Koskinen

Annina is a Design Director at Spotify, leading a multi-disciplinary team that focuses on driving sustained growth of music fans around the world. An advocate of designing with data, Annina is keen to foster an environment where designers can both be artists and scientists. Originally from Finland, Annina is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Thoughtful Execution - A Framework that Helps Teams Ship with Impact
Gut is an important aid in a creative process. But it shouldn’t drive strategic decisions, or prevent you from exploring multiple solutions to a single hypothesis. In this talk, Annina will share lessons from a framework she developed to help teams become more successful in reaching their goals and shipping with impact.

Learn more about Annina at anninakoskinen.com

Robert Lenne, Sweet Studio

Robert Lenne

Robert Lenne is a co-founder of Sweet Studio, a venture studio in Stockholm that build products with entrepreneurs from all around the world. Previously he was Head of Product at Artsy, which he helped grow into the leading online marketplace and online publisher for art. Prior to that he worked at the design and innovation firm IDEO where he worked in their London, New York and Munich offices to develop new digital products and experiences.

The (Self-)Education of Product Designers
In recent years, tech companies have embraced design as a powerful tool to create better products, define new offerings, and increase customer happiness. From product teams to board rooms, design helps drive innovation (and valuations) of the world’s leading tech companies. Design education, however, has yet to prepare designers for what is now being asked of them. This gap leaves many designers scrambling to learn on the job or failing to realize their full potential altogether. In this talk, Robert shares the skills and insights product designers need today, and ideas on how you can beg, borrow, and steal to succeed.

Learn more about Robert at sweet.studio

Josh Lovejoy, Google

Josh Lovejoy

Josh Lovejoy is a UX Designer in the Research and Machine Intelligence group at Google. He works at the intersection of Interaction Design, Machine Learning, and unconscious bias awareness, leading design and strategy for Google’s ML Fairness efforts.

Human-Centered Machine Learning
Machine learning is a wave that will have us rethink, restructure, displace, and consider new possibilities for every experience we build at Google. It is a technical paradigm shift that must be matched with a complementary shift in UX. This talk will provide some grounding in machine learning capabilities and explore some of the ways we are integrating them into our design and research processes at Google.

Learn more about Josh at medium.com/google-design

Måns Adler, Ustwo

Måns Adler - USTWO

Måns Adler is a founder of Bambuser and Tech Director at Ustwo in Malmö. His professional portfolio also include work for Linden labs (Second life) San Francisco, setting up a public Makers lab at STPLN in Malmö together with the research institute Medea at Malmö University. Måns is also co-author of the book “Making futures - Marginal notes on Innovation, Design and Democracy” published at MIT Press.

Experience Based Prototyping and its Cultural Traits
In his talk, Måns will give you a very practical look at the process behind making world class digital products. This deep dive will focus on staying away from your screens and on what ustwo calls 'experience prototyping’, where both developers and designers come together to align on what and how to build things. He will also walk through some of the supporting organizational culture that needs to be in place to deal with this kind of work.

Learn more about USTWO at ustwo.com

Nina Mehta, Stripe

Nina Mehta

Nina Mehta is a product designer at Stripe currently helping entrepreneurs start their businesses with Stripe Atlas. She led design at Pivotal Labs Berlin and San Francisco. Nina has worked with companies like Twilio, Volkswagen, Samsung and on teams in Tokyo, London and Chicago. She started her career designing newspapers and now writes and runs workshops on cross-discipline collaboration, bringing art, music, and tech communities together.

Ship Better Products Faster
People often think of designers as creative visionaries. But our job is to fall in love with problems not solutions. In this talk, learn collaboration techniques you can use tomorrow to get good ideas on the table earlier and ship better products faster.

Learn more about Nina at ninamehta.com

Florian Kaps, Supersense

Florian Kaps

Since his early childhood Florian „Doc“ Kaps is attracted by the exercise of running into the opposite direction. In a world that is more and more digital, Kaps is steadily fighting, believing and celebrating everything analog. After having wowed the digital eyebrow-raisers with his success of reinventing analog instant film for Vintage Polaroid cameras with the Impossible Project (founded by Kaps in 2008), he is now touching all senses and hearts at SUPERSENSE.

Trust Your Senses: The Rediscovery of Reality
Since more than 10 years Florian "Doc" Kaps tries to understand why suddenly the young - mainly digitally raised - generation rediscovers the magic of analog technologies with such incredible curiosity, energy and passion. Doc believes that we are at the beginning of a serious worldwide revolution and not just dealing with a hip retro-trend.
In his all analog presentation he not only tells the wild story of all his truly impossible adventures but tries his very best to tickle all your senses and carefully remind you that you yourself are still all analog.

Learn more about Florian at the.supersense.com